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Since Advent we have been sending daily reflections to parishioners whose email addresses we have in our parishioner directory. These emails have received a very positive response. In addition our men’s and women’s bible study has been well received. 

For Lent that begins on Wednesday, February 26th, we would like to begin our Scripture 2020 program. It is a simple program. Participants will commit to reading one chapter of the New Testament each day. Gospel chapters, Acts of the Apostles chapters, St. Paul’s letters chapters, and other New Testament books can be read in less than 5 minutes. The New Testament is accessible online and can be read early in the morning, on the train, at lunch time, during a coffee break, before or after dinner, or upon going to bed at night. If you join us and commit to 4 minutes of reading each day, you will have read the entire New Testament before 2020 ends. You will have read each of the four gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s letters and more.

We are beginning on Ash Wednesday so that Scripture 2020 might be undertaken as a Lenten practice. What better way to draw closer to the Lord than to become familiar with the 4 gospels. Participants in Scripture 2020 will be invited to 3 gatherings during the year– one in late May after we read the gospels and Acts; one in late September as we complete St. Paul; one before Thanksgiving when we have completed the New Testament. There are no fees. Membership is open to all.

If you are interested in joining us, indicate your interest by emailing Fr. Tom at scripture2020@stannesgc.org. Please respond prior to Feb. 20 at which time all participants will receive a responding email. Consider joining Scripture 2020 as we approach Lent.