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Divorced and Separated Catholics

We Empathize - We Pray - We Socialize


Thanks to all the members who helped make this a very special Christmas for a family in Wyandanch by participating in Saint Anne's Christmas Sponsor a Family Program.


Divorced and Separated Catholics of Saint Anne’s is a group which provides friendship, prayer and support to those who are presently working through or who have experienced divorce or separation.  The group meets at 7:30PM on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the school building.  Meetings are held during the school year, and sporadically throughout the summer months.


The philosophy of this group is that no one intended or expected to be at this point in their life journey when they made the commitment to marriage.  Whether it has been years or months since your marriage or divorce, the pain of divorce or separation is intense.  Through support and empathy, prayer and spirituality, and service to others, we hope to begin the road to acceptance and healing.  We believe that strength can be developed to replace the brokenness in our lives.  It is through healing and prayer that we lessen the fear and pain and become stronger in the broken places.  


  1. We empathize. All of us have been through the emotional turmoil and resulting isolation of a divorce; we share a common purpose and direction. We are great listeners and sometimes can even offer our own experience as confirmation that we too have been there; it has gotten better for us, as it will for you. 
  2. We pray. Finding God in the midst of the turmoil of our lives brings us peace and helps us to forgive ourselves as much as anyone else. Knowing that God is always with us on this journey assures us that we are never alone.
  3. We socialize. Divorce can be socially isolating. Whether we are uncomfortable with friends previously shared with our spouse or they are uncomfortable with us, socialization can be awkward. (It doesn’t help that we sometimes feel like a third wheel among couples.)  Saint Anne’s Divorced and Separated Catholics provides opportunities to comfortably gather with others who know what it feels like to be a “singleton.”  In addition to the friendship provided at meetings, the group seeks outside activities in which to participate.  Super Bowl, Christmas, and other holiday parties provide fun.  In addition, the group looks for opportunities to look beyond ourselves to help those who also might need a helping hand.  We sponsor a family at Christmas, collect used eyeglasses for distribution to the poor, and look for other ways to help heal ourselves by helping to heal others.  Please consider joining us.  There are no dues nor a need to make a long-term commitment.  Come and visit and see if the dynamic of the group meets your needs.

For more information, please call Lyn Beck at (516) 488-1032 or e-mail lbeck@stannesgc.org.