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Fr. Tom’s Letters


Each week Fr. Tom writes a letter to parishioners in our bulletin.  Every letter is comprehensive, including current information about the Parish, an explanation of Scripture for that Sunday, and an invitation to become more engaged in the life of the parish.





June 26, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

The calendar has given way to summer. This first summer weekend we celebrate high school graduation in many of our local high schools. June has been a month long celebration of the achievements of our teenage parishioners as they are honored and rewarded for all they have accomplished these past four years. Many have had a wonderful academic, athletic, and extracurricular year. Congratulations to all our graduates and their parents. We wish you God’s blessing as you prepare this summer to begin the next part of your life- your college years!


In the past month, we have received fewer food donations to our Loaves and Fishes closets in the vestibule lobby of the church. We assist families in many different parishes all through the calendar year. We deliver food donations throughout the summer months. Your donations of non-perishable food items help our Parish Social Ministry continue to share our blessings with families for when assistance is necessary that they may provide meals for their children. This summer is also a time when we sponsor a school supplies drive. Your support is always appreciated. Over the years our parish generosity to those in need has been extraordinary. Please receive this request for food donations as a reminder that we continue this ministry all through the summer months.

As parish activities, ministries, and organizations return to a full resumption of activities this summer, and most especially in the fall, several of our ministries are in great need of parish volunteers. May I invite you to consider the following invitations where we are in need:

Faith Formation: Our faith formation ministry includes nearly 1,000 parish children from first through eighth grade. We are now scheduling for a full in-person program for next year. We hope to enlist more than 100 volunteer catechists. We have great veteran returning catechists. We make a special appeal to parents of grade school aged children who are registered in the program. We offer the program at five different times. We try to keep class sizes to a dozen. We try to meet the needs of those who want a particular day for class. We can only meet these requests and needs if we have the volunteer catechists. Catechists are given the materials they need and you will help form the roster of students you will teach in your class. We will try to give you students with whom you are familiar. It is really important we get volunteer catechists, particularly parents, to meet all our goals. If you wish to help please email Mrs. Vivian Flood at vflood@stannesgc.org.

Liturgical Ministers: We have excellent lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and we need more. During the pandemic and interruption of the regular Mass schedule, some lectors and Eucharistic Ministers have not returned to these important ministries. Over the recent years, after Conformation, we have welcomed excellent high school students as lectors. We have even had parent-child teams of lectors. Consider this invitation to serving as a lector both individually and as a family. Reading the Word of God at Sunday Mass is a wonderful participation in Mass and an important service to all the parishioners.

 We also are in need of additional extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Again, after the pandemic, some parishioners have not yet returned. We are all familiar with the service of Eucharistic Ministers so we invite you to consider participation in this ministry as an extension of your life and service in the parish. Contact Sr. Judy at srjudy@stannesgc.org if you would like to volunteer for the liturgical ministries.

Parish Social Ministry: Our Parish Social Ministry includes many parishioners who participate in all sorts of activities. Recently we have begun our beloved Senior Scene which draws 50 or so senior parishioners who are greeted by a team of volunteers on a weekday afternoon for conversation, socialization, and fun. Volunteers who are willing to help our homebound parishioners are always welcome.  Our Loaves & Fishes Ministry depends upon volunteer drivers to deliver good donations and additional supplies to various outreach centers. Our Respite program will be resuming this fall and may be in need of several skilled adult volunteers. If you wish to volunteer for any of the Parish Social Ministries, please contact Mrs. Linda Leone at lindaleone@stannesgc.org.

Parish volunteers are needed all the time. Please consider the needs mentioned above. As we make plans moving forward, I am sure we will be offering more volunteer opportunities.

Peace be with you!

Fr. Tom