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Each week Fr. Tom writes a letter to parishioners in our bulletin.  Every letter is comprehensive, including current information about the Parish, an explanation of Scripture for that Sunday, and an invitation to become more engaged in the life of the parish. 





October 21, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

Last week I shared with you an update on where we are with our plans for the Meeting and Ministry building to be constructed on the former convent lot.  We made more significant progress this week as we gained approval  from the Village of Garden City Zoning Board.  We had three petitions before the Zoning Board and each of them was passed.  Our architect and attorney were very well prepared, their drawings were clear, and they answered all questions to the board’s satisfaction.  Support and encouragement from neighbors and parishioners manifest great community support for the project. 

Most every speaker at the meeting noted St. Anne’s support and involvement throughout the local neighborhoods.  The Zoning Board deliberated immediately after our presentations and we were notified the next morning that we received the necessary approvals.  Next, we return to the Planning Board with whom we previously met and then with the Architectural Review Board.  As we were very well prepared for the Zoning Board, so we will be prepared for the remaining presentations.  Many thanks to Mr. Kevin Walsh and Mr. Ron Zakary who have represented us and all the parishioners who attended the meeting, several of whom spoke with great support of St. Anne’s desire to serve the spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs of all who come here as well as those who call upon our help.  Our new building will help us to further the mission and ministry of the Church.

Plans for funding of the project continue to go well.  Beginning in November and extending through March, every parish family will be invited to support financially this building project.  We will begin with smaller groups in November and enlarging those groups after the Christmas Season and New Year.  By the spring conclusion of this campaign all parishioners will have the opportunity to make a pledge that can be fulfilled during the next five years.  Printed material for the campaign is currently being prepared.


Earlier this month we had an evening of parish conversation that was open to all parishioners.  About 120 parishioners attended and it was very helpful to those who participated.  People who attended felt strongly that this kind of opportunity be repeated.  We will have our second evening of parish conversation on Thursday, November 29, one week after Thanksgiving.  Again, it will be a conversation open to whatever topics parishioners wish to raise.  Even with great honest emotion expressed at the first conversation in early October, the entire evening was marked by respect and sincerity.  We hope that the November 29th meeting will afford us the same kind of experience.

The November 29 meeting will begin a little later at 8:00P.M.  School aged children parents have expressed this is a better time so that evening meals with kids can be over and parents still have time to get to a meeting at church.  So we will begin at 8:00 on Thursday, November 29 and we will conclude by 9:30.  Please consider joining us.

St. Agnes Medal of Service

A 10 year plus tradition in our diocese has been a celebration at St. Agnes Cathedral where each parish has a parishioner receive the St. Agnes Medal from the diocesan bishop.  This tradition was begun by Bishop Murphy and it is continued by Bishop Barres.  Receiving the St. Agnes Medal for St. Anne’s this year is Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crinnion, known to their many friends and large family as Bobby and Sue.  The Crinnions have been involved in all sorts of ways at St. Anne’s.  Their four daughters all attended St. Anne’s School and Sacred Heart Academy and Bobby and Sue for about 15 years supported all the school activities that parents are such an important part of St. Anne’s.  They are involved in Parish Social Ministry and very supportive of the Respite Care ministry on Friday evenings.  For many years Bobby teamed with other parishioners in organizing Spirit Day, a parish tradition that begins the new academic year at St. Anne’s.  Sue has served on the Parish Finance Committee and School Board and is most generous in sharing her skills as a photographer for the many activities at Saint Anne’s.  Bobby is skilled at home repairs and has assisted many families in need around our community.  His leadership service in the NYC Fire Department is a further expression of Bobby’s commitment to help others.   The Crinnions regularly attend Sunday Mass with their daughters.  They love travelling as a family, particularly to hike the beautiful mountain trails of our country.  Thank you to Bobby and Sue Crinnion for their service to St. Anne’s and congratulations on your reception of the St. Agnes Medal which will take place next Sunday, October 28 at St. Agnes.


The readings for today in no way promise an easy life.  Instead, each reading speaks of hardship.  The first reading speaks of affliction and infirmity.  The middle reading from the Book of Hebrews speaks of weakness.  In the gospel, Jesus reminds the disciples that they too will have to drink of the cup of suffering that Jesus himself will drink, the cup of the Blood of Christ.

I recently had the privilege of reading the reflections of a man of great faith as he approached death.  He was married nearly 50 years, was father of 8 children and grandfather to 23.  He wrote these reflections as he was being treated for cancer which eventually would take his life.  He led a very active life going all the way to his childhood on a dairy farm.  But now, as he wrote these reflections, he realized his life calling was to increased prayer and reflection that made him more contemplative.  Part of his reflections were on his suffering and how meaningful his suffering was in the light of Christ’s  suffering.  His reflection was deeply personal.  As we deal with the hardships, afflictions, infirmities, weaknesses in our lives,  may we have the faith to experience them not alone, but with Christ and his suffering at our side.

Peace be to you.

Fr. Tom











































































































































































































































































































































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