Loaves and Fishes

We respond to the Gospel call to feed the hungry...


“The poor are not just people to whom we can give something.  They have much to offer us and to teach us...They show us that people's value is not measured by their possessions or how much money they have in the bank.  A poor person, a person lacking material possessions, always maintains his or her dignity.  The poor can teach us much about humility and trust in God.”
                                                                                                                                                  - Pope Francis


This year, Saint Martha's Church in Uniondale has asked us to donate school supplies for families in need in their community.  They are planning a "Back to School Day" on Saturday, August 27th and would like to have enough school supplies to distribute to children whose families find it difficult to fulfill the requirements of their respective grades

Items most needed are:

Pens and Pencils                    Marble Notebooks                               Book Bags                  Folders    

Binders                                      Loose Leaf Paper                                Crayons                Glue                 Erasers   

Please leave your donations in the Loaves and Fishes closet marked, "School Supplies."  


What is the Loaves & Fishes Ministry...

As people of faith, we are called to help those who are in need. We hope that everyone in Saint Anne’s Parish wants to have a part in this mission. Our primary objective is to help bring food to those who are unable to provide for their families. Each parishioner can be part of this mission by bringing food items to the LOAVES & FISHES CLOSETS located on the left of the main church entrance at the top of the stairs. The food items are taken to local parish outreach centers such as Saint Martha’s in Uniondale, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary in Roosevelt, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Wyandanch and Saint Mary of the Isle in Long Beach, who then manage the process of getting food to those who need it. Our food collection continues every week throughout the year. With a significant number of people out of work due the current economic crisis, the importance of helping others has never been greater.

In addition to the weekly food drive, the Loaves & Fishes Ministry has other monthly projects including collecting winter coats, Thanksgiving & Christmas family dinners for about 300 families, and other seasonal efforts to help those in need. Each of these efforts is announced in the bulletin and on this page (please scroll down). For these efforts we need volunteers to take calls, to manage the collection process and volunteers to drive. We like to have a number of volunteers so that no one person is asked to commit more time than they are able. Please contact Linda Leone at 352-5904 or lindaleone@stannesgc.org for more information or to lend a hand.

Weekly Food Drive

Parishioners are openly invited to bring items of food to Saint Anne’s Church and deposit them in the Loaves and Fishes closets, located on the left side of the Church lobby.  Thanks to the generosity of our many food donors, we are able to deliver substantial amounts of food to various parish outreach centers which directly serve people who are poor and in need. Regular deliveries are made to Saint Martha’s in Uniondale, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary in Roosevelt, St. Mary of the Isle in Long Beach and Our Holy Redeemer in Freeport. 

To view pictures from recent delivery dates, please click here.

Please place all food items in the Loaves and Fishes closets in the lobby of the Church.  On weekdays, the Church doors are open every day from 7:00AM - 2:30PM.  

At this time, the items most needed include:

Soup Cereal Tuna Fish
Pasta & Sauce Powdered Milk Rice
Red & Black Beans Baby Diapers (large sizes) Peanut Butter
Macaroni & Cheese Canned Vegetables Canned Fruit



Sixty-seven tote bags filled with gift items and toiletries for new moms who are facing serious challenges were delivered in time for Mother’s Day to the following sites:  Momma’s House in Wantagh, Bethany House and Mother of Good Counsel Home in Roosevelt and Catholic Charities Regina Residence (with thanks to Saint Anne’s MOMs for their ongoing support for the moms in this residence!)  Many thanks to Lilly Schwieger and her team of volunteers (Marie Fischer, Anthony Spera, Barbara McElroy, Flora Spera and Judy Keenan) for all their help.



Sponsor a family for Christmas 2015 - Thank you so much!

Thank you to all who sponsored families in need this Christmas!  Over 300 families received food for their Christmas dinners and extras to help stock their shelves, along with gifts for the members of their families.  In the words of one mother, "Thank you very much for blessing our family with such joy.  You had no clue what we’ve been through but we’re blessed that you have helped our children have something to enjoy this Christmas.  We can truly believe that there is a great world and kind hearts around us.  We definitely plan on giving back once we are more stable.” Thanks to all who helped bring hope and joy to families in need.  Special thanks to Barbara and Tom Tranfaglia, Jon and Lilly Schwieger, Paul and Diane Wykowski, Mary McCarraher, Joanne Sorge, Jennifer Staub, Mary Stenson and all the volunteers who helped with this program.  Their dedicated efforts helped bring joy and lightness of heart to many this Christmas.

To see pictures from delivery day on December 12th, please click here.

Dear Saint Anne’s:

How do we say “Thank You” to all you great people?  You not only bring nutritious food for over 250 families from our community for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you also bring wonderful gifts of clothing and toys and gift cards!  Through your kindness, you are feeding people in need, both body and soul.

And of course, this isn’t just a November and December outpouring of your generosity – you are there for us throughout the entire year!  Whenever we call, “Help!”, Saint Anne’s responds and your volunteer Loaves and Fishes drivers come laden with bags of groceries – and diapers, of which we never have enough!  We also want to say that Barbara, Paul and Jon are fun to work with and we very much appreciate your caring!

We hope you have a happy and holy 2016 and always know how appreciated you are!


Marlene Jean-Baptiste, Peggy Lee and the staff of Saint Martha’s Outreach


Catholic Charities Thanks our "Giving Angels" 

Thanks to all the parishioners who picked up an angel ornament from the Christmas trees in the Church and responded to the request we received from Catholic Charities to provide gifts for 72 children whose families live in residential housing under the care of Charities staff.  Many of these families have someone suffering from chronic physical or mental illness or substance abuse.  Several are children of veterans who are struggling at this time.  For most of these children, these gifts are the only ones they will receive this Christmas.  Special thanks to Jon and Lilly Schwieger for coordinating this effort and to Kate Dennean for helping to wrap the gifts.


Sponsor a family for thankgiving 2015

Thanks to the generosity of many Saint Anne's parishioners, over 300 families in need were able to gather together on Thanksgiving Day for a delicious dinner with extras to tide them over through the following week.  Thank you to all who sponsored families and all who offered financial support to help feed those who are hungry.  Special thanks to all the volunteers who assisted with this effort - especially the youth helpers, the drivers and the coordinators.

To see photos from delivery day, please click here!



FAll coat drive - thank you for your support!

Saint Anne's Parish is having its annual winter clothing drive.  We want the families in need to have warm clothing ready to wear when it gets cold.

NEEDED: New or gently used clean coats, jackets, and sweaters for men, women and children. 

Please be sure it is in a condition that you yourself would wear.)  New hats, new gloves and new scarves are also needed.  Please bag all donations and label as: men, women or children. We are unable to accept other clothing items during this period.

WHERE: Donations should be delivered to the Loaves & Fishes closets in the left rear of the church, open 7:00AM-2:30PM.

WHEN: Now through SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th



Father's Day Project - Thank You!

Thanks to all the parishioners who helped provide the items for our Father's Dy travel bags. The bags were given to residents of Saint Anthony's House, which serves men who are homeless, and Dismas House, a residence for men who were recently released from prison and making a new start in their lives.  The supplies were definitely needed and very much appreciated.








Thank you for donating easter baskets!          

We thank the many parishioners who provided over 400 Easter baskets for children in need who are served by Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Wyandanch, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary in Roosevelt, Saint Martha's in Uniondale, Saint Mary of the Isle in Long Beach and Our Holy Redeemer in Freeport.

We also thank the Saint anne's School 4th and 5th grade students for donation baskests themselves, distributing and collecting the baskets from parishioners and writing individual Easter messages for each one.  The large amoung of food donated was delivered along with the baskets to help provide for families in need this Easter.   Thanks to all who participated!  To see pictures from delivery day, please click here.



Saint Vinvcent DePaul Winter coat & warm clothing Drive 

Thank You...

Many thanks to all who answered the call to donate winter coats and warm clothing to support the Saint Vincent DePaul Thrift Shop in Garden City Park.  Your generous donations filled the truck.  Any funds raised from the sale of these items at the Thrift Shop will go to assist the Vincentians in helping the poor.  People who are in need at this time are given vouchers which allow them to select whatever items they need at the shop. We are especially grateful to Anastasio Velasquez from the Saint Vincent DePaul staff who drove the truck and loaded everyone's donations.



Each year for Father's Day, Saint Anne's Loaves and Fishes Ministry provides travel bags filled with personal items and toiletries for the men who are temporarily residing at Saint Anthony's House or Dismas House, both located on Long Island and run by the St. Vincent DePaul Society.  This effort actively demonstrates our concern and compassion for men who are trying to make a new start in their lives after being released from prison or recovering from substance abuse issues.  We are grateful to all who have assisted with this special collection.                      

Any items remaining after our delivery to these residences will be brought to our neighboring parish outreach centers to help fathers in need.  Once again, thank you for your support and consideration for men who are hoping to move forward in their lives and could use some assistance with basic needs.  Any extra donations should be labeled “Father’s Day” and place in the right side of the Loaves and Fishes closets which are in the left rear of the Church and open from 7:30AM-2:30PM. For any questions, or to be of help with this effort please call Parish Social Ministry at 352-5904.