35 Dartmouth Street, Garden City, New York 11530 - (516) 352-5904
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Please note that the doors to the school are locked at 4:10 on class days and are not unlocked until dismissal. This is for the safety of our children. Please try to be on time and avoid early dismissals; the precious time we share with your children is limited. In an emergency, please call the office number, (488-1032, which will also be posted on the McCloskey door) and someone will assist you.


Grade 1 through 6 students who attend class on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will no longer be able to walk home.

The Garden City Police Department has advised us that all elementary students, no matter their proximity to the school, should be picked up by a parent or guardian at their classroom.  The safety of the children is our primary concern. 

Parents should park in the parking lot when dropping off or picking up their children.