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Daily Thoughts for Advent



Sunday December 1:

The Opening Prayer of Advent has us pray that “we resolve to run forth to meet Christ.” Advent is not a passive season. How might you imagine “meeting Christ” this Advent season?

Monday December 2:

On this first weekday of Advent we pray to “keep us alert.” The busyness of these days can make us tired and distracted. The Lord wants us to be alert to his presence in our daily lives. Be alert to his presence.

Tuesday December 3:

The Advent prayer for today speaks of the trials we encounter in our lives. We are encouraged to ask for God’s help. Reflect on a difficulty of your life at this time and simply pray for God’s help.

Wednesday December 4:

The Advent prayer today speaks of preparation. There are short term preparations and long term preparations. Reflect on the preparations you might make so that the Solemnity of Christmas brings spirited joy to you and your family. We will celebrate Parish Reconciliation Day on Monday, December 16 from 3 to 9 PM.

Thursday December 5:

One of the Advent prayers today speaks about “loving the things of Heaven.” Heaven is filled with mystery. We trust people we have loved on this Earth rejoice today in Heaven. Let them know of your love today as you remember them.

Friday, December 6:

An Advent prayer today speaks of the “protection of God’s mercy.” God’s mercy takes many forms. We are capable of different kinds of mercy. Show mercy in one of its many forms to a person who needs your mercy today.

Saturday, December 7:

In today’s gospel Jesus commands his disciples to be healers. Opportunities abound for each of us to support the healing of others. Sometimes it takes the form of a visit to the sick or an encouraging word to the discouraged. Look for an opportunity to be that kind of healer today.

Sunday, December 8:

Today’s gospel focuses on John the Baptist. If you are reading this e-mail, most likely you are baptized. John baptized Jesus. Think today of all the circumstances of your baptism: parents, church, godparents, and the baptizer. Say a prayer of gratitude that someone chose you to be baptized or who helped you make that choice if you were baptized as an adult.

Monday, December 9:

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the Patronal Feastday of the United States of America. Many of our Catholic teachings are held in low esteem by our various levels of government. Our secular culture does not understand many of our Catholic values. Know it takes God’s help to be a good and practicing Catholic.

Tuesday December 10:

Today the Marines are visiting our St. Anne’s Parish School. Our Advent prayer today can include prayer for the safety of all who serve our country. Let’s be especially mindful of those who cannot be with their family this Christmas because they are serving overseas.

Wednesday, December 11:

Today, the prophet Isaiah speaks of eagles’ wings. It is the basis of one of our often used hymns. At St. Anne’s eagles remind me of our great Boy Scouts, one of many youth activities we host here at St. Anne’s. Pray for the young people of the parish and their moms and dads.

Thursday, December 12:

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a favorite Marian Advent feast. Our Spanish parishioners and neighbors are especially fond of this important feast. Her shrine draws millions of visitors. May the inspiration and protection of the Blessed Mother guide us all in our dealings with all people.

Friday, December 13:

Today is the Feast of St. Lucy, another favorite Advent saint. Lucy is a patron saint for eyes and those with vision problems. The prophet Isaiah provides us with visions of peace all during Advent. Vision is an Advent theme. Be mindful and prayerful of those who struggle with vision and ailments of the eye.

Saturday, December 14:

The Advent prayer of the day includes, “that all shadows of the night may be scattered and we may be shown to be children of light.” The days continue to grow shorter, the nights longer. Lights adorn our neighborhoods. Persons can become light amid the darkness. Be a light to others during these Advent days.

Sunday, December 15:

In today’s gospel, John the Baptist is in prison. Jesus is preaching to the crowds. John suffered for his faith and belief. John remained faithful to his vocation as prophet. Pray for the grace to be faithful to your vocation. Help our young people to discover theirs, to what God is calling them.

Monday, December 16:

Confession, Reconciliation, Penance all describe the sacrament we celebrate today at St. Anne’s from 3:00 to 9:00 PM. It is a great way to prepare for Christmas. This sacrament helps to open us to enjoy the full joy of Christmas. Know you are invited.