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Daily Thoughts for the Easter Season

Easter Thoughts from the Gospel

Monday, April 2

The news that Jesus is risen means a great joy and life overcoming fear.  Are we bearers of good news, a reflection of the Resurrection in the lives of others?

Tuesday, April 3

Every Christian relives the encounter of Mary Magdalene with the Risen Christ and the experience of his healing power.

In prayer, let us come before the Lord today in need of healing: to renew our mind, body and soul.

Wednesday, April 4

Every journey of life can be an Emmaus journey.  Like the disciples, we can tell our story of how we were changed.  A young father said, “ in my daughter’s first communion, my faith became stronger.”

Thursday, April 5

Peace is the gift of Easter- it’s up for us to utilize this gift and bring peace into our lives and share it with our families, neighbors, friends and others.

Friday, April 6

The disciples went out fishing by sea of Galilee and caught nothing.  Jesus told them to try again and they had a great catch.

If we work without Jesus, we will catch nothing. If we work for him, we will see failure turned into the success of great catch.

Saturday, April 7

Jesus loves us and calls us as disciples to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature”.  This is our mission.  How will we answer Jesus’ call today?

Sunday, April 8

This Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Divine Mercy. It is because of his mercy that we have forgiveness of sin and new life as children of God.

Monday, April 9

Today we hear God speaking to Mary through the Angel Gabriel.  Mary puts her trust in God and says “yes”.  When has God called you to something greater than yourself, something perhaps out of your comfort zone?  Did you put your trust in God?  Did you say “yes”?

Tuesday, April 10

Jesus said to Nicodemus:  “You must be born from above.”    The Easter season is a time of new life.  We see new life outside in the budding of the flowers.  Nature shares its beauty with us.  What is the new life we desire for ourselves?  What beauty in you can you share with someone today?

Wednesday, April 11

Today we hear the reassuring words from John, “God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”   God will never abandon us.  He is with us and loves us always.    In times of despair or darkness we need to keep our faith and believe that are meant to live in the light of Christ.   How will you share your light and your hope with someone today?

Thursday, April 12

Jesus speaks to us about earthly things. When we speak to one another do we realize the power of our words?Speak kindly to one another.

Friday, April 13

Children love the Gospel story of the Miracle of the fishes and loaves. Just as the young boy willingly shared a small gift of 5 loaves and 2 fish, are we willing to share our gift to help others? Reach out to someone in need today

Saturday, April 14

Jesus calmed the storm at sea. During difficult times in our lives do we turn to Jesus to calm our storms? Put your trust in Jesus.

Sunday, April 15

Jesus greets his followers with the words “peace be with you”. Do we accept the peace of Christ in our hearts and share it with others? Bring peace to others today.

Monday, April 16

Jesus gave us the Eucharist as the food that endures for eternal life. The Eucharist binds us more strongly to Jesus Christ and to each other. What a wonderful gift!

Tuesday, April 17

Jesus tells us that he is the Bread of Life. At every Mass we are able to receive Jesus’ body and blood as the food which nourishes us on our journey of faith. It is the food which enables us to be courageous witnesses to Christ and ministers to others of God’s mercy.

Wednesday, April 18

“Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.” We are thankful that the gospel story  of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection provides us with meaning, purpose and hope. Do we proclaim this gospel message with joy?

Thursday, April 19

It is Passover time. Jewish leaders recalled their ancestors ate manna to sustain them on their desert journey and eventually died. Jesus tells them He is the Bread of Life, the bread that gives never-ending life to those who eat it. It is time to reflect on his dying to save us and the promise we will live forever.

Friday, April 20

The Jews who listened did not understand the words of Jesus because they took them literally.He asks them to accept him as the Paschal Lamb whose blood would give them eternal life. Just as the Eucharist brings us closer to God, so does anything good we do, wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

Saturday, April 21

Jesus knew many did not believe in him and some walked away; and that Judas would betray him.The Apostles are alone with Him now. Peter's response needs to be ours also! For, we have come to know, come to believe, and continue to do so. We trust in his word.

Sunday April 22

This passage not only tells us what Jesus will do for us, but who he really is: the Good Shepherd, God. If we believe he will lay down his life for us, we would be extremely foolish not to follow him. He tells us, "I know you, I love and care for you, and if you are lost, I will never stop looking for you until I find you to embrace you in great joy.

Monday, April 23

Jesus calls us to hear and listen to his voice.  It is what we must do if we are to follow him.  Listen for his call today.  It may come in prayer.  It may come from a family member.  It may come from someone you meet.  Keep your ears and heart open!

Tuesday, April 24

The gospel today (John 10: 22-30) reminds us of how precious we are to God.  God holds us in his hands and no one can take us away.  Reflect today on this infinite love that God has for you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, April 25

Jesus is our light, the light of the world.  Rev. Martin Luther King reminded us that darkness does not cast out darkness, only light casts it out.  Dispel the darkness!  Who can you bring Christ’s light to today? 

Thursday, April 26

Jesus reminds us the when we receive the one Jesus sends, we receive Jesus into our lives.  Who is Jesus sending to us today?  Let’s welcome and care for each other as we would welcome and care for Jesus.

Hear the call to worship this Easter!