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Fr. Tom’s Letters


Each week Fr. Tom writes a letter to parishioners in our bulletin.  Every letter is comprehensive, including current information about the Parish, an explanation of Scripture for that Sunday, and an invitation to become more engaged in the life of the parish.





March 26, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

With this past week’s arrival of spring, next week will be Holy Week. On the third page of this bulletin, you will find the Holy Week schedule of Masses, Confessions, Morning Prayer, Stations of the Cross, and additional Holy Week information. Also listed are the Masses for Easter. Please note there is no 5:00PM Mass on Holy Saturday. The Easter Vigil Mass begins at 7:30PM on Saturday evening. There is no Easter Sunday evening Mass. We have added a 1:15 Easter Sunday afternoon Mass. The most crowded Masses will be at 10:00, 10:30, and 11:45. Please plan accordingly. Please know there is no reserved or saved seating. All seating is based on first and earlier arrival. There will be ample room at the Easter Vigil and at 7:00, 8:30, and most likely 1:15 on Easter Sunday.

Our Mass attendance continues to increase during the Lenten season. In recent weeks more than 1400 people have been attending Sunday Mass. Given previous years’ attendance, we can project 2500-3000 people will be attending Easter Mass. Easter Sunday is always a great day.

I should not jump ahead! Next week, Holy Week, has some very special days and liturgies. Next Monday, April 3, Monday of Holy Week, we will be offering Confession, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, from 3-8PM. Monday of Holy Week has become a great tradition as all parishes throughout the metropolitan area have extended hours for Confession on the Monday of Holy Week.

Another highlight of Holy Week is Holy Thursday Mass which includes the Commemoration of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper, and the Washing of the Feet which Jesus offered to the apostles. This Mass is at 7:30PM.


In the past, parishioners have been invited to have their feet washed. This year I am asking for volunteers. So if you would like your feet washed at the Holy Thursday Mass, please do the following:

1. Call the rectory or email us.

2. Phone Number: 516-352-5904 Email: tharold@drvc.org

3. By phone, ask for Michael. Your email will go to me.

4. Indicate your desire to have your feet washed.

5. You need to let us know by this Friday, March 31st. Volunteers need to call or email by noon on Friday, March 31st.

6. We will accept volunteers in the order by which they call. We have a limit of 12 volunteers.

7. We would ask only 1 volunteer per parish family.

8. All volunteers for the foot washing are to be parishioners.

Why might a person volunteer for the foot washing? Some comments on the foot washing ritual may be helpful in understanding why a person might choose to have his/her foot washed at Holy Thursday Mass.

1. “It is a reminder that we are of the Body of Christ and as such, as His followers, we too are called to serve others in a spirit of humility.”

2. “It is a ritual of humility that helps to cleanse Christians that are afflicted by living in a world of sin.”

3. “It is a ritual that signifies our participation in Christ’s mission of love and service to one another and to those in need in our world today.”

4. “Pope Francis said that in the ‘washing the apostles’ feet, Jesus wanted to reveal the way God acts toward us and give an example of his new commandment of loving one another as he loved us, by giving his life for us. He continued to say, ‘when you forget yourself and think of others, that’s love. And with the washing of feet, the Lord teaches us to be servants.’”

5. “In L’Arche houses the washing of the feet takes on a significant meaning because in this blessed and simple community the beauty of human connection is revealed. How important is loving, tender, human touch when one cannot talk or hear or see? How important is loving, tender, human touch when one is preoccupied with the problems of the world, the stress of running a household, the scourge of depression, or the inability to love oneself? When we washed each other’s feet, we were simply brothers and sisters before God.”

There are many reasons why a person might volunteer to have a foot washed at the Holy Thursday Mass. If you wish to participate on Holy Thursday in this way, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Please understand we can only receive 12 volunteers so the early volunteers get their feet washed.

Have a peace-filled week!

Fr. Tom