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Fr. Tom’s Letters


Each week Fr. Tom writes a letter to parishioners in our bulletin.  Every letter is comprehensive, including current information about the Parish, an explanation of Scripture for that Sunday, and an invitation to become more engaged in the life of the parish.





May 28, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

This week I want to share with you two important items regarding Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Cody.

As we prayed these last two weeks at Mass we join with Fr. Nicholas in mourning the death of his mother, Agnes Acquah earlier this month. Unable to travel to his home in Ghana at the present time, Fr. Nicholas is arranging for a Mass here at St. Anne’s for the repose of the soul of his mom. Fr. Nicholas invites us all to join with him at Mass on Thursday, June 15 at 7:00PM here in the church. Fr. Nicholas will be joined by several of his priest friends and classmates as well as his brother priests here at St. Anne’s.

Since Fr. Nicholas’ arrival here at the parish nearly four years ago in November 2019, we the priests, the staff, and the parishioners of St. Anne have truly become his family in the United States. He has been very generous and courageous in coming to our parish to serve as a priest. Our coming together with him on June 15th at 7:00PM will be a sign of our gratitude, appreciation, and affection for him. Please know that all are invited to share in the Mass for Fr. Nicholas’ mom. May she rest in peace.


Earlier this past week, Fr. Cody received notice that he is being transferred from St. Anne’s to St. Patrick’s in Huntington as an Associate Pastor. Fr. Cody is not shocked at this reassignment as a recently ordained is customarily re-assigned after three to five years in his first assignment. Fr. Cody has been at St. Anne’s for four years.

Arriving in June 2019, as a newly ordained priest, Fr. Cody was well prepared to begin his priestly ministry. Fr. Cody immediately immersed himself in all the sacramental and pastoral ministries incumbent on a priest. He did so with enthusiasm and alacrity. As has been the case with so many generous priests with whom I have served, he always responded “yes” to the many requests I made and that others asked. As weeks, months, and seasons passed, I observed how “more and more” Fr. Cody grew in his vocation as a parish priest. His growth has been sure and steady.

What is at the foundation of such a growth in the vocation of a priest? I think for Fr. Cody it is his sense of kindness and charity; the depth of his faith, and commitment to the prayer of the Church; his sense of personal reflection and patience for persons; his openness to growth and trust in Jesus and Mary that have led these past four years to be a time of bearing fruit in these first four years of priesthood.

Most likely in the not too distant future, Fr. Cody may well be invited to assume increased priestly and pastoral responsibilities as the pastor of a parish. To allow him to share his priestly gifts in another parish community, and helping him prepare to take on the leadership of a pastor, Bishop Barres intends that a second assignment as an Associate Pastor will be of help in the continued formation of the recently ordained priests.

I was saddened to learn of Fr. Cody’s transfer as was Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Ned. At the same time, I realize we have been blessed by his priesthood these past four years and understand he will bless the people of St. Patrick’s in the months and years ahead. There is a genuine excitement for a young priest as he concludes one assignment and begins another. There is anticipation and wonder. I remember well leaving Holy Family, Hicksville and going to St. Aidan’s, Williston Park as I moved from my first assignment to my second. I was saddened leaving my first parish. In fact, the first weekend after my transfer, I went back to Holy Family and sat in the parking lot in my car! It was not easy for me to leave my first home as a priest and begin anew at a second parish.

Fr. Cody experiences mixed feelings at this time. But with his commitment and abilities, his faith and his trust, with you I am confident that this new assignment will be one where he continues to flourish in his vocation as a priest.

A very important feeling we all share at this time is our gratitude to Fr. Cody for his priestly ministry here at St. Anne’s. It is our parish tradition to express our gratitude and appreciation to a priest at a Sunday Mass shortly before his leaving the parish. Fr. Cody will celebrate the 10:00AM Mass on Sunday, June 18, a simple reception will follow Mass in the St. Francis Ministry Center. All are invited.

PS: Yes, we will be receiving a new Associate Pastor in late June. He is a very experienced and pastoral man. I will share more about Fr. Anthony Osuagwo as we draw closer to his arrival.

Have a peace-filled week!

Fr. Tom